April 3, 2012
Bare Minimum

After packing away most of my clothes for the big move, I found that I really didn’t need most of the clothes that I own. For a couple of weeks I was running on my essentials. Now, everyone from here to kingdom come has their own personal essentials list and I have mine, so I’ll spare you the details. I also like having options and choices and I believe in “dressing for the occasion” which is why I have as many clothes as I do.

But it was kind of nice being on a wardrobe diet. Nothing really to think about except which pant leg to put on first.

I once read that at a certain age, Paul Newman got rid of most of his wardrobe and had only a small amount of clothes. I also saw a thread on Style Forum that calling out as challenge not buying any clothes in 2012 and using what you have. Kind of like shopping in your own closet.

I dug up the Paul Newman stories

Movie veteran Paul Newman is forced to take home the clothes his characters wear in movies because otherwise he’d have nothing to wear. The eccentric actor has a habit of burning his clothes and hates to wear anything smart, so he keeps his wardrobe to a minimum. Wearing the jacket his character wore in Nobody’s Fool in 2004 when he made a rare TV appearance on Live with Regis & Kelly, Newman said, “I burn most of my wardrobe… I have a dark suit for funerals. I have a pair of slacks and a blue blazer and a black knit tie and that’s it.”

and from the Newman’s Own site

Upon turning 70 years old, Paul made the decision to not accept future awards for his charitable work. He was personally reluctant to acknowledge that his charity was anything special, and true to his character, he burned his tuxedo in a front-yard ceremonial bonfire attended by family and friends.

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